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We need a different approach for technical marketing

In Ray’s blog, he talked about how technical marketing differs from consumer marketing.

You need to treat technical marketing different than consumer marketing

For years we’ve been talking about go-to-market strategy and how it impacts revenue acceleration. It’s no secret that the...

Forget the golden rule: Treat people the way they want to be treated

You were told all the way through your formative years that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. If you...

Channel management is more than just a good algorithm

The Next Wave of channel management

We've spent quite a bit of time here talking about how using data is essential to ...

Accelerating Your Revenue: What The Spur Group Can Do For Your Business

The Spur Group is a consulting firm that wants to do more than just provide you with a business strategy. We want to grow...

Using a framework to define key elements

Last week we discussed the key steps in building a taxonomy. For a quick refresh, every taxonomy consists of four core...

Using language to drive clarity in thought

"So we want to discuss how the SEs, AEs, and AR can be working with the Partner Team to optimize our To-/Through-/With-...

Two Words to Remove from Your Business Vocabulary: Part 2

Now that you have conquered busy, consider getting rid of the word can’t. While not as pervasive as “busy,” the limiting...

Two Words to Remove from Your Business Vocabulary: Part 1

Have you ever worked with people who repeatedly missed deadlines and meetings because they were too busy? Maybe they offered...

Why "good enough" isn't

Your business is growing at 100 mph. And you're building it as fast as you can. So you settle for “good enough” on many...


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