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Take the guesswork out of your go-to-market strategy

With a comprehensive approach to business challenges, The Spur Group helps you build a sustainable competitive advantage


State of the Industry

Moving beyond product innovation to gain a competitive advantage

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Most companies are born of product innovation, which helps create new opportunities and industries. As an industry matures, innovation is still important, but it is not the only source of a sustainable competitive advantage.

In the technology industry, we’ve seen a fundamental shift over the past decade in how people buy products. Whether it’s B2C or B2B consumers, today’s buyer has access to more information than ever before. A prospect has likely already heavily researched a product before any communication with sales teams.

While product innovation will give you a leg up in the market, the real winners are those who create a superior go-to-market strategy and execute it flawlessly. A winning go-to-market strategy combined with a quality product builds a sustainable competitive advantage.

Sounds good, right? Now, how do you get there?

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Our Roadmap

Go-to-market success with a proven framework

Through decades of experience and more than 2,865 engagements, we’ve tested our go-to-market framework, helping clients live up to their highest potential. With an end-to-end approach, we can help your team launch a new product, redesign a program, reach a new audience, or meet your financial goals.
  • 01 Define your strategy
  • 02 Mobilize your resources
  • 03 Execute your plan
  • 04 Manage your performance
  • 05 Accelerate your momentum
Reframe how you think about your strategic approach. Develop a holistic view of your business by establishing a plan and considering your goals, key stakeholders, milestones, and deliverables.
Take stock of your available resources — people, time, tools, and budget — and determine where to deploy each one to meet your goals. Cross-functional relationships and well-equipped teams are essential for success.
Execution is the real test of all prior planning. It requires discipline to achieve your goals with limited resources. Follow your framework and project plan, adjusting as needed.
Without feedback on your planning and execution, you can’t make well-informed changes. Develop metrics based on your project goals and monitor them as you advance through the project, using data-driven insights to inform decisions.

As you continue to build and improve, accelerate the momentum you’ve created to further align your company’s people, values, and culture to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Spur Difference

Why the right go-to-market partner matters

Too often, go-to-market strategies take a siloed approach, resulting in little value. The right partner will take an end-to-end approach to your unique business challenges.

We at The Spur Group collaborate closely with your team to provide insights, tools, and support. Our proven approach and capabilities have helped hundreds of clients transform their business strategy and performance.

821 Clients
2,865 Enagements
295 Employees
81.4 Net Promoter Score
Our clients are the heroes of our success

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We want to help you grow, so our experts have compiled resources addressing all things go-to-market with trends in marketing, sales, operations, data and channel. Whether you’re looking for new ideas, trying to understand how to implement a new strategy, or just looking to learn something new, we have content that can help you.

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