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About Us

We are the go-to-market experts

Delivering results that matter since 2006

The four leaders — Randy, Chris, Richard, and Steve — and other industry veterans built transformative revenue acceleration programs at some of the world’s leading tech companies. Coming together to form The Spur Group, the founders knew that people are the key to the organization’s success. It’s why we hire the best consultants and invest in their professional development. It’s why we build long-term relationships with our clients. And it’s why human-centered companies continue to win.


Reflections from our CEO, Randy Karr

When we started Spur, we knew we wanted to scale by maximizing the capabilities of high potential, though inexperienced, people and develop a leadership growth engine driven by an on-the-job mentorship program. This led us to thinking about Spur as a teaching hospital.  Besides giving us a great model for developing people as amazing consultants, this approach has delivered genuine human experiences that are at the heart of what makes Spur great – our people and the relationships we foster. It’s the genuine human experiences we deliver that I think truly distinguishes us.

We have always been focused on teaching, learning, growing and helping others. It’s one of the things I love most about consulting. It’s the ah-ha moments when someone suddenly understands something new, or when a client tells you they couldn’t have achieved what they have without your help.

It is personally satisfying because it is first and foremost a genuine human experience.


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Meet our founders

TheSpurGroup_2607 Randy_Carr

Randy Karr

Co-founder and CEO
TheSpurGroup_3441 Chris_McCall

Chris McCall

Co-founder and CFO
TheSpurGroup_8784 Richard_Flynn

Richard Flynn

Co-founder and CMO
TheSpurGroup_1045 Steve_White

Steve White

Co-founder and COO

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