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We are the        go-to-market experts

Our approach

From strategy to execution — we make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

What sets us apart as a company is our expertise in the go-to-market space, with an end-to-end approach. A change in one part of your go-to-market strategy will likely impact other areas of your business. We deliver solutions for specific needs, but we’re always thinking about the big picture as well.

Why partner with us

See why leading companies trust us with their go-to-market strategy

We focus on outcomes On projects, we target both near-term wins and sustainable successes. Our outcome-focused approach shapes how we work, with a focus on long-term results.
We help your team execute

We work in partnership with your extended team rather than outside of existing structures. We understand that internal groups might have differing priorities — which may lead to conflict — but we enjoy bringing stakeholders together for a common goal.

We deliver long-term value While we focus on the task at hand, our consultants are creative thinkers who aren’t afraid to speak up when they see an opportunity for long-term success. This approach is one reason for our longstanding relationships with  clients.
Our clients are the heroes We partner with your team and let them take the center stage, as we work behind the scenes. We use your logo on presentations and materials, not ours. Our clients are the ultimate owner of projects, plans, and positive results we deliver.
We adapt to your needs We take pride in our ability to observe, research, and absorb information about our clients to better serve them. Our recommendations are not from a template we give to every organization. We take the time to understand your challenges and develop a solution that makes sense for you.
We consistently bring joy to our clients With an average Net Promoter Score of 81.4, client satisfaction is a metric by which we measure our success, and we are always striving to listen and improve.
Our Story

Delivering results that matter

The four leaders — Randy, Chris, Richard, and Steve — and other industry veterans built transformative revenue acceleration programs at some of the world’s leading tech companies. Coming together to form The Spur Group, the founders knew that people are the key to the organization’s success. It’s why we hire the best consultants and invest in their professional development. It’s why we build long-term relationships with our clients. And it’s why human-centered companies continue to win.


Our mission is to turn your customer, partner, and employee experiences into your biggest competitive advantage — and take your business to the next level.


Taking a comprehensive and integrated approach to business challenges, our vision is to help you design innovative strategies, magnify audience engagement, improve partner effectiveness, fuel execution excellence, and accelerate business growth.


Inclusion: promote diversity, visibility, and involvement
Courage: be vulnerable when speaking up and listening
Accountability: make and keep commitments
Respect: Acknowledge everyone’s opinions, abilities, and qualities
Excellence: do great work

Uncover what an end-to-end approach can do for your business

Meet Our Leadership Team

Bringing years of experience in solving tough problems for our clients.

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Tiluck Bhatt Director of Continuous Improvement
Tiluck Bhatt Director of Continuous Improvement

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