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Allison Strother

Managing Director

Allison Strother is a Managing Director at The Spur Group and leads strategic marketing and communications initiatives. Her experience includes messaging and positioning development, strategic content creation, sales enablement, internal communications and project and program management. Allison has over 15 years of experience working with a range of clients, including Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Premera and Regence.  

Allison’s expertise includes: 

  • Messaging and positioning development 
  • Content marketing 
  • Internal communications 
  • Project and program management 
  • Sales enablement and readiness 

Allison believes: 

  • Knowing your audience and what they care about is the right place to start 
  • Building a powerful story is a team sport 
  • Questioning assumptions never hurt anybody 
  • Experience is everything 

Allison graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Economics-Accounting from Claremont McKenna College. 

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