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Clay Campbell

Client Delivery Director

Clay Campbell is a Client Delivery Director in the Data and AI practice at The Spur Group. Clay has spent over a decade working with leading companies on how to utilize technology and tools for the advancement and automation of the world. As a well-established technology and thought leader in Applied AI, he has made it a priority throughout his career to apply current technologies as well as new techniques to develop elegant and creative technical solutions across all project phases. 

Clay’s expertise includes: 

  • Data science 
  • Data analysis, strategy, and engineering 
  • Sentiment analysis 
  • Virtual assistants 
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning 

Clay believes that we are just beginning to scratch the surface of the Fourth Industrial revolution. We spent the last 50 years amplifying what we can do with technology and we will now switch to what can we do for technology and how can we give up large portions of our life and work to AI and automation. We are on the edge of some significant moral and ethical conundrums with AI and need to solve them using a holistic and diverse set of people with varying educations, backgrounds, and life experiences. We are at a point in the world today that companies will be judged on how they approach the entire human capital lifecycle along with their impact to society and the environment.  

Clay is passionate about data science, artificial intelligence, and the autonomous automobile space, and has a proven track record of strengthening and expanding companies. 

Clay graduated with a Masters in IT Management from City University of Seattle. 

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