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Leland Matthaeus

Client Delivery Director

Leland is a Client Delivery Director at Spur Group’s Innovation Labs. Innovation Labs is a team within The Spur Group dedicated to integrating emerging technologies into our consulting services and offerings. Leland has spent his entire career in management and technology consulting with a focus on machine learning & AI, advanced analytics & visualization, and partner and sales channel strategy. 

Leland’s key skills include: 

  • Machine learning & AI strategy 
  • Applied insights & data visualization 
  • Enterprise innovation & product management 
  • Partner & sales channel management 
  • Digital operations & strategy 

 Leland believes that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are poised to revolutionize the way humans work and add value to enterprises. Business strategy, operational productivity, and product innovation will experience significant transformations within the next 2-5 years. Leland’s mission is to enable clients to take advantage of the opportunity at hand and gain a unique edge over their competition by leveraging key emerging technologies. 

Leland graduated with a degree in Psychology and Economics from Whitman College. 

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