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Randy Karr

Co-Founder & CEO

Randy Karr is Founding Partner and the Chief Executive Officer for The Spur Group. With over 15 years of experience in consulting and communications, he’s responsible for setting the company vision, overseeing the health of the business, and representing the organization. With his leadership capabilities, he establishes strategic partnerships, seeks key talent, and keeps the company culture thriving. 

Randy’s experience includes developing highly trained teams, establishing cross-discipline communication, and addressing a broad range of corporate issues with T-Mobile, CenturyLink and JPMorgan Chase. 

Randy’s expertise includes: 

  • Business process transformation 
  • Sales enablement and readiness 
  • Content strategy and development 
  • Rhythm of the business and governance 
  • Portfolio planning and resource management
  • Event strategy 

In the next decade, Randy believes businesses need to put just as much focus on making a positive difference in the world as meeting shareholder demands.  

He believes we are entering a new era, the era of Humanistic Capitalism.  

Three key trends are going to shape how businesses measure success in the next decade: the human experience, societal valueand technology as a multiplier. The future is going to be about human values and where they fit in the business world and how businesses shape their values and culture to integrate this human value focus.  

Spur is uniquely positioned to win the decade of the 2020s exactly because of our clear focus on people and the human experience. Businesses and institutions need to make themselves more attractive to potential employees by offering opportunities to fuel purpose and make a socially meaningful impact through work. The line between home and work will continue to blur creating a need for businesses to focus on the employee experience in a new way.  

A business can no longer just focus on building a product or delivering a single service. Businesses must understand that they don’t operate in a vacuum. They are a part of society. 

Spur is founded on the idea that people are what’s most important and that while we wouldn’t have a business without clients, we wouldn’t have a great company without great people. 

Randy graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. 

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