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Rick Karr

Client Delivery Director

Rick is a Client Delivery Director and has over 10 years of industry experience in channel management and business operations practices. At The Spur Group, Rick has led several large, business operations efforts across go to market, channel management and channel incentives programs. His process-driven, detail-oriented approach has enabled companies to streamline operations and find the headspace to tackle bigger business challenges. 

Rick’s experience includes: 

  • Business process transformation  
  • Rhythm of the business and governance 
  • Program management 
  • Partner enablement and programs 
  • Partner incentives 

Rick believes in the deployment and development of socially responsible and environmentally sustainable technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing and is forcing companies to exercise responsible sales and deployment. This causes tech companies to consider non-traditional factors in their sales and marketing motions. They must also weigh the impact of AI on workforces, social perceptions and the risks associated with machine learning. With this in mind, Rick strives to ensure that all facets of technology development and integration are safe for companies, workers, and communities.