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THE how-to guide to running successful business operations. Pt 1

All companies and organizations, regardless of industry, size, or maturity, have a set of foundational activities required to run the business—often called “business operations.”

Reach the Highest Bar of Quality

A few days ago marked the first day that climbing enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest who want to venture above 4,800 feet could obtain their climbing permits for Mt St Helens.  If you’ve climbed there, you know what a special place it is and if you haven’t, now is your chance! But the other day I heard that the online application to accept those much sought-after passes failed because the vendor hired for the work failed to test the links for the website.

Hire for Potential Over Pedigree

The Spur Group is unusual because we hire for potential over pedigree. Our industry is full of consulting firms who over pivot on years of industry experience, The Spur Group seeks to find a balance between experienced candidates with the drive to teach and new talent with the courage to learn. When hiring for entry level Associate Consultant positions, we select based on the candidate’s capacity to learn, think critically, and communicate effectively. Then, we train for expertise during a week-long...

The Spur Group Community Service & Giving Program

Why I started the program, how it has been successful, and how we plan to be active, socially responsible stewards of our community by supporting local nonprofit organizations.

You Wouldn't Build a House Without a Blueprint, So Why Build a Channel Without a Playbook?

Companies spend millions on their channels every year, and they should. There's partner recruiting to be done, demand generation to conduct, marketing collateral to be made, and a field to manage. The hope is that the money put into these areas is money well spent.

Product Growth Mapping: Driving the Channel Strategy

In an age where new products are hitting the marketplace at an unprecedented rate, companies are tasked with the challenge of developing strategies on how to best invest in the channel and get the right partners selling the right products at the right time. Having a robust understanding of where each of your products is in the growth cycle takes the guess work out of where you should invest with partners and programs, and enables you to optimize channel revenues and profitability.

How to Build a Winning Channel Partner Recruitment BOM

Having trouble recruiting the right partners who will consistently rep your solution over the competition's? You aren’t alone. The most common partner recruitment pitfall we’ve seen at The Spur Group is failing to align the right content and messaging to the right audience, in the right order, within your targeted partners.

The Essential Guide to Partner Business Planning

 Every business wants to accelerate their revenue. It is one of the most common business goals, and one of the hardest to reliably accomplish. Combining product advantage with go-to-market efficacy is the key to consistently achieving revenue acceleration.

5 Tested Secrets To Amazing Channel Planning Results

At the core of an effective channel management strategy lies a comprehensive channel plan that influences customer and partner behavior and drives desired business outcomes. Simply put, channel planning aims to put the right quantities of the right products in the right places at the right times to satisfy customer demands in an efficient, cost-effective manner. While the concept seems elementary on the surface, it is important to address each element of a channel plan with a fine-tooth comb to ensure...

Make an Impact: Know Your Channel Health Index

It is impossible to ensure your channel efforts are paying off unless you have an objective, data-driven view of your teams' and programs' performance. Diagnosing channel effort performance, or health, can be done quickly, but if done incorrectly will lead to stagnant and potentially declining business results. To ensure your channel strategy, performance and go-to-market approach are where they should be, you need to start with an accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive channel management plan.


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