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Let's Chat
    May 16, 2020

    Capturing the Zeitgeist Opportunity: How to Amplify a Trend

    Inspiration plays an important role in rendering an experience memorable — creating an enduring impression that facilitates discussion long after an event is over. The question remains however: what do you want these people to remember?

    Nailing an inspirational opening is merely the first step in creating the atmosphere for an enduring experience. The next step is establishing relevance — capturing the zeitgeist.

    The zeitgeist is the spirit of the time. Georg Hegel believed that art reflected the culture of the time in which it is created – arguing that culture and art were linked as the artist’s work is informed by the sum of his cultural experience.

    This need not be construed as a negative – the interpretive space of the audience is colored similarly and any work will be examined in the context of its cultural relevance.

    A good event arises from this mutual understanding of relevance in your message. Understand your message in the context of the present day and you can render explicit what was before on the tip of your audience’s tongue until they find themselves saying — “That is exactly what I was thinking.”

    To galvanize interest in your event, there needs to be a perception that the substance will be valuable. By discussing what is top of mind at the time, you provide a forum for attendees to hear from thought leaders in the area and create via common interest a communal space where further discussion can be ignited.

    Forrester Research is a technology and market research company that provides a point of view on the potential impact of technology, to its clients and the public. Forrester stated that in 2015 the Internet-of-Things will no longer be an interesting idea, but will become reality with the proliferation of devices and our ability to connect almost anywhere. This presents an excellent zeitgeist opportunity.

    Once you have established a universally relevant topic, you need to capitalize on the space you have opened for discussion. You do this in two ways:

    1. Precipitate discussion by booking authoritative speakers in the topic itself. Doing so provides weight and credibility to your message. These speakers can range from industry leaders such as CEOs to authors and celebrities who are engaged in the conversation at hand. Credible thought leaders in your space validate the substance of your message and confirms the audience’s belief that your event is bringing an important and credible point of view to the discussion.
    2. Open up the conversation by allowing time for attendees to network and continue the discussion you started. By establishing a community of like-minded individuals who are plugged-in and engaged with the topic, you have created a space for the discussion to evolve and endure long after the last speaker has dropped the mic.

    The ultimate goal is to capture the zeitgeist, to speak credibly and with a unique perspective on a topic already present in the mind of your attendees. You want to establish yourself as an authority, an insider, who is operating from within the same context as your audience. Coupled with inspiring delivery, you not only provide valuable insight to your attendees but create a motivated communal space for insight and innovation that endures.

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    Randy Karr

    As CEO Randy sets the vision for the company, building strategic partnerships, and ensuring the Spur culture thrives. Randy has been with the team for over 14 years and has been instrumental in growing the business and developing our people.