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Allison Strother

Allison is a leader in the Spur communications and operations practices. She has worked with a range of clients, including Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Premera and Regence. Allison is responsible for managing engagements that include messaging and positioning development, strategic content creation, internal communications and project and program management.

Articles by Allison Strother

Does your marketing and sales enablement content need a tune-up?

There are 3 key questions to ask. Is your marketing and sales enablement content driving the results that you need? If your answer is no, you aren’t alone. Building strong content is a tough job even if you have a killer content strategy, passionate subject matter experts, and the resources needed to execute.
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5 common content development pitfalls, and how to avoid them

It's no secret that strong content drives better outcomes. Whether it's a campaign, sales enablement collateral, an executive presentation, you name it –  killer content makes all the difference. As of 2016, 76 percent of B2B marketers reported plans to produce more content than in previous years. Content marketing budgets have also increased among B2C companies this year. On average, 32 percent ...
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5 critical success factors that often get overlooked

As a business leader or consultant, you’ll likely be involved in a number of game-changing, broad-scale initiatives – such as a sales organization restructuring, a partner program redesign or a company-wide ERP roll-out. These efforts share some common characteristics: massive organizational change across multiple groups, redefinition of key business processes, significant resource requirements, ...
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Eight Do’s And Don’ts For Executive Blog Posts On Company News

When executives blog, people pay attention. During the news cycle following a recent product launch announcement for one of our clients, the executive blog post on the launch garnered two and a half times more hits than the official press release.
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