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Senior Manager

Erin Farrell

Erin is an experienced business operations professional with 10+ years in sales, marketing, account management, and go-to-market execution. She is adept at navigating complicated operational infrastructure and implementing the business strategies required to make impactful organizational change. As a relationship-oriented leader, Erin excels in developing talent. Her project teams at The Spur Group have driven transformation through stakeholder alignment and strong change management, with special expertise in business development and process design.

Articles by Erin Farrell

Two Words to Remove from Your Business Vocabulary: Part 2

Now that you have conquered busy, consider getting rid of the word can’t. While not as pervasive as “busy,” the limiting potential of ‘can’t’ makes it just as important to eliminate.
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Two Words to Remove from Your Business Vocabulary: Part 1

Have you ever worked with people who repeatedly missed deadlines and meetings because they were too busy? Maybe they offered minimal input on your projects until near the end and then frantically bombed your inbox with late-night revisions, or maybe they were distracted on calls with you because they were multi-tasking in the background. How did it impact you and your team when they said they ...
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