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Senior Manager

Luke Gordon

Luke is a leader in our channel management and business intelligence practices. With over 10 years of industry experience he brings a background in customer service and a passion for data based decision making to collaboratively solve client challenges. He is responsible for leading projects involving strategic development, stakeholder alignment, executive communications, and business intelligence development.

Articles by Luke Gordon

Driving business impact with your data – Part 3

3 steps to delivering executive level insight In parts 1 & 2 of this series we discussed how to design effective dashboards and how to evaluate data reporting to ensure value. In this blog, we will wrap up our three-part series on with The Spur Group’s methodology to uncovering and delivering insights.
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Driving business impact with your data – Part 2

3 questions that lead to successful dashboards This is part two of our three-part series on The Spur Group’s methodology to delivering insights through data. In this blog we will be building off of the foundational elements of dashboard design that we previously laid out and take a closer look at the questions to consider when constructing your reporting.
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Driving business impact with your data – Part 1

3 steps to building dashboards that get used This blog kicks-off a three-part series on The Spur Group’s methodology to delivering insights through data reporting and dashboards.
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3 Superpowers of Effective Leaders

Seasoned executives know that so much of business success is having the right timing and talent -- getting there first and doing it the right way. Whether you are implementing a new service or technology or changing your entire mission to compete in your market, there are three different leadership superpowers that can ensure the success of your project when used appropriately. It is not a ...
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7 Easy Steps For Better Cloud Partners

Whether it’s for cloud products that already exist or planning for a future cloud strategy, you need a partner ecosystem to help drive your business. A cloud go-to-market strategy is vastly different than an on-premises strategy though, so building the ecosystem will require a different approach than you may have used in the past.
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Get The Most Out Of Partners By Measuring Their True Value

If you’re only looking at the top revenue producing partners, you’re missing the value of your ecosystem. Sure, the partners that drive large portions of your business are important, but they’re not the only ones.  You may be missing the rising stars and creating an overly concentrated top. You could find yourself in a bind when one of them shifts to the competition. The goal should be to create ...
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5 reasons partner scoring gives you an unsurpassed advantage

In today’s business environment, a company’s growth is closely tied to partner performance. To be successful, channel managers need to continuously make decisions about which partners to invest in and how those investments, both in time and money, should be spent. With a dearth of actionable insights though, these channel management decisions are often based on experience and gut instinct.
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