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Randy Karr

As CEO Randy sets the vision for the company, building strategic partnerships, and ensuring the Spur culture thrives. Randy has been with the team for over 14 years and has been instrumental in growing the business and developing our people. Prior to his time at The Spur Group, Randy held leadership positions at JP Morgan Chase, T-Mobile, CenturyLink and had a stint as a professional soccer player. A Seattle native, Randy has a BA from Seattle Pacific University.

Articles by Randy Karr

Is a managed service right for you?

Let’s face it, managed services are now the norm for vendors and IT enterprises. You hear about it at business conferences, on LinkedIn, and especially from your clients. But why? What is so fantastic about this practice that’s made its way into our business lexicon?
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We need a different approach for technical marketing

In Ray’s blog, he talked about how technical marketing differs from consumer marketing.
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Boost your content by involving 4 key stakeholders

In a previous blog we discussed the importance of getting stakeholders involved and keeping them engaged throughout the content creation process. Often we see companies trying to create product or solution marketing content as a siloed team. When it finally comes to the approval process, they are often blindsided by eleventh-hour feedback.
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Is your content creation process hurting your revenue?

Over the years, we've worked with many clients who are looking to create content that will help them market their products or services. In the process we've seen 3 main reasons why they haven't met their past revenue goals with prior products or services:
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9 content offers that help you close the deal

No matter what industry you're in your customers are on a buyer's journey. The buyer’s journey is how companies convert followers into leads, and eventually into customers. The buyer’s journey can be looked at from two different perspectives: from the customer and from the provider. Many companies such as HubSpot and McKinsy have defined different ways to talk about the buyer’s journey from each ...
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Get the budget you need to successfully market your targeted solution

You’ve got a product to promote but you know you don’t have the right budget to effectively discuss your new product with your target audiences. When you go talk to your boss, you tell her that you have three separate audiences and all of them need different types of materials, which will require more money. When your boss asks why she needs to pay for three different types of content, you have ...
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Don’t sell tea, sell stress relief

If you’ve been around the marketing hallways for a while, you’ve probably heard the buzz about selling benefits instead of features. But what does it mean? Is it just more jargon from an already jargon-rich practice? In this case, no. At Spur, we often reference the famous example, “don’t sell me shoes, sell me comfortable feet.” For technology companies selling complex hardware or software ...
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How To Ensure A Managed Service Is Adding Value

The earlier installations of this series discussed how to successfully establish and run your managed service. This final post takes a look at how managed services add value to your business, as well as how they can be improved, and why Spur is an excellent choice to run your managed service.
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How Do You Know If Your Managed Service Is Working?

In parts one and two of our series, we discussed keys to unlocking the potential of a managed service. In this blog we discuss the importance of defining service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) within the defined and agreed upon scope.
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Keys to unlocking managed services

In the previous blog, we discussed some of the great things that managed services can do for your business. But if you get it wrong, your team runs the risk of getting burnt out, of having diminished quality of work, and worse, being unhappy. Here are 3 keys to having a successful managed service:
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