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Chief Marketing Officer

Richard Flynn

Richard leads The Spur Group’s four go-to-market service lines leveraging over 20 years of experience in sales, channel management, marketing strategy and business operations. Prior to joining The Spur Group, Richard worked for Microsoft and other technology companies where he led groups with responsibilities ranging from partner and channel management, market development and customer-satisfaction planning.

Articles by Richard Flynn

How to build a winning channel partner recruitment BOM

Having trouble recruiting the right partners who will consistently rep your solution over the competition's? You aren’t alone. The most common partner recruitment pitfall we’ve seen at The Spur Group is failing to align the right content and messaging to the right audience, in the right order, within your targeted partners.  
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The Essential Guide to Partner Business Planning

 Every business wants to accelerate their revenue. It is one of the most common business goals, and one of the hardest to reliably accomplish. Combining product advantage with go-to-market efficacy is the key to consistently achieving revenue acceleration.
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5 Tested Secrets To Amazing Channel Planning Results

At the core of an effective channel management strategy lies a comprehensive channel plan that influences customer and partner behavior and drives desired business outcomes. Simply put, channel planning aims to put the right quantities of the right products in the right places at the right times to satisfy customer demands in an efficient, cost-effective manner. While the concept seems elementary ...
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Make an Impact: Know Your Channel Health Index

It is impossible to ensure your channel efforts are paying off unless you have an objective, data-driven view of your teams' and programs' performance. Diagnosing channel effort performance, or health, can be done quickly, but if done incorrectly will lead to stagnant and potentially declining business results. To ensure your channel strategy, performance and go-to-market approach are where they ...
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Are you prepared to prepare your channel?

The scenario: you previously recruited partners for your channel - maybe by referencing the key elements needed to do so in our recent channel recruiting blog - and obtained top-notch talent that is ready to sell.
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The 5 key elements of successful channel recruitment

Business model and technology shifts are occurring rapidly and channel programs need to react accordingly. You need partners and you need results - but don’t act quickly without the proper preparation. The key to any successful channel recruitment effort is having the right approach.
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The Channel Health Index Checklist: Accelerate Your Channel Management

How confident are you with whether your channel management efforts are having the right impact on your required business outcomes? Are your incentives driving behavior or acting more as an entitlement? Do your partner managers each drive the right level of readiness and pipeline with your partners? Are your programs both competitive and deeply entrenching you as a preferred vendor with your ...
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Drive Revenue Acceleration with Smart Partner Incentives

As a channel management leader, you need to structure your incentives in a way that drives partner behavior. To manage your channel successfully, it’s best to follow a five step process:
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5 Critical Things To Get Right During A Cloud Transition

While the growth of cloud computing (See Cloud computing: You may ask yourself - well, how did I get here?) offers considerable opportunities, it’s also rife with uncertainty. For many technology providers, setting the right cloud strategy is anything but straightforward.
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How To Use Partner Scoring To Fuel Better Channel Management

Every channel leader faces the same core question: How do I use my limited resources, programs and people to generate the biggest possible influence on my partners and best meet my business objectives?
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