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Senior Partner

Steve White

Steve is the former CEO of MCM, one of the largest privately held insurance businesses in the Pacific Northwest. Steve brings 20 years of Leadership, Organizational Systems, Operations and Change Management experience to Spur. He has led business critical strategic initiatives for some of the largest companies in the Fortune 100. Prior to joining Spur, Steve was VP of Business Process Integration (fully elected officer), for JP Morgan Chase and was a Regional Marketing Director for Allstate Insurance. A Northwest native, Steve received his MBA from Pacific Lutheran University.

Articles by Steve White

How sales transformation drives revenue acceleration

Previously we have written about how to take advantage of the new sales equation.  But at the core, revenue acceleration is a simple equation.
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Approach sales in terms of relationships, not transactional metrics

Sales are an important part of running any business: after all, if you're not selling products or services then how are you making money?
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When your pipeline is full – keep filling it

Business is booming. Your whole sales team has been crushing it and your pipeline is flowing like a firehose. Time to take a breath, relax and set cruise control.
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3 common reasons your business is stuck in neutral

During our time working with customers’ sales teams, we’ve found a few common problems that companies with flat growth often suffer from. As is the case with any difficult change, the first step is understanding that you’ve hit a snag.
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Make The Most Out Of Your Budget And Still Grow Sales

Trimming overhead and slicing operating expenses (OpEx) is a challenge for any business. but it’s also a key part of running a successful business. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) explains, “The metric of salaries as a percentage of operating expense is related to two important factors that drive any business—the base salary costs associated with human capital and all other costs ...
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