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Senior Manager

Tom Horton

Tom is a senior manager with The Spur Group, and is a leader in the sales transformation practices and channel management teams. Tom has over 10 years of industry experience. He earned a JD from the University of San Diego School of Law. His primary focus is around using a data driven diagnostic approach to develop the right strategy, GTM mix, and execution approach based on hard data and not just gut instinct. Through this approach he enables direct and channel sales organizations to drive more revenue, more efficiently.

Articles by Tom Horton

How To Use Partner Enablement To Fuel A Successful Channel

A widespread problem with a partner channel is lower than expected revenue growth or inconsistent returns from your partners.  In cases like this, the culprit may be what you are doing or not doing to enable your partners success.
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Trust Is A Currency: Build And Spend It Wisely

Getting executive buy-in and funding is one of the biggest obstacles implementing a new business initiative whether you are in a new role, new organization or just have a new idea for driving the business forward. There is only so much that can be done, and only so many “top” priorities that can be executed with limited resources.  Top executives are always weighing requests for funding and other ...
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3 steps to winning your audience's attention

(AKA. Sometimes love just ain’t enough) (AKA. Someone had a great message, but then you won’t believe what happened next…)
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Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game

  Call me an optimist, but I’ve always thought people are inherently rational.  They tend to act in a logical way based what they perceive as their natural boundaries.
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Don't sell a better mousetrap, sell a mouse free home

We have talked about selling benefits before, but more than just basic marketing collateral this is a critical behavior for today’s direct sales force.
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Make The Most Out Of Your Budget And Still Grow Sales

Trimming overhead and slicing operating expenses (OpEx) is a challenge for any business. but it’s also a key part of running a successful business. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) explains: “The metric of salaries as a percentage of operating expense is related to two important factors that drive any business—the base salary costs associated with human capital and all other costs ...
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Why Channel Leaders Need To Think Like Top Sales Leaders

As your daily work duties become so enveloped by channel management, it’s difficult to take a step back and really analyze whether or not your business is doing everything as efficiently as possible. By looking to other companies and seeing how they’re handling the same situations, you’re able to gain valuable insight that helps alleviate some of the strain of your own trials and errors. Software ...
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Running A Channel Means Juggling 5 Bosses

In honor of March, CRN is running it’s Channel Chief bracket competition.  I assume everybody is like me and participating, so to help I thought it would be useful to discuss some of the traits of the best channel leaders in today’s market.
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My Channel Forecasts Are Never Right… Why?

In a recent blog article, we discussed the importance of forecast predictability from internal sales resources and the importance of disciplined sales processes coupled with talent to achieve superior performance.
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Our Sales forecast has dropped again! Why?

Recently, we talked about the need for sales-force transformation. As the third of a five-part series, let’s focus on the need for employing disciplined sales processes coupled with fielding exceptional sales force talent to achieve superior performance.
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