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5 Simple Best Practices For Superior Partner Recruitment

5 Simple Best Practices For Superior Partner Recruitment Featured Image

5 Simple Best Practices For Superior Partner Recruitment

Business model and technology shifts are occurring rapidly and channel programs need to react accordingly. Finding partners is relatively easy; technology companies need to recruit the right partners to win. The key to any successful partner recruitment effort is having the right approach.

But, what happens when it comes time to actually talk to a targeted recruit organization? What is the best way to frame a conversation about forming a new partnership? Who should be part of that conversation? And if things go well, how do you make sure the conversation leads to action?

The Spur Group has worked with many companies around partner recruitment and witnessed what works and what does not. We want to share with you five best practices that can improve your partner recruitment:

1. Be clear with your objective
2. Have the right strategy
3. Pick the right data sources
4. Strengthen your business proposition
5. Recruit at the right level

We’ll be detailing these best practices for recruiting a successful channel partner in a channel recruitment-focused webinar taking place June 16, 2016, 9-10 a.m. PT. Registration for the webinar is available here.

Looking for immediate help recruiting partners that will succeed in your program? Whether you’re developing an approach or refining an existing strategy, we can help. Contact us to learn more.

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