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Share Of Partner Voice Provides Channel Insight

Share Of Partner Voice Provides Channel Insight Featured Image

Share Of Partner Voice Provides Channel Insight

We get a lot of questions about our Partner InSite technology, so I thought I would take a moment to explain some of the core concepts behind the technology and the design goals we have, both in the short term and over the long haul.

Keep your Partner InSite.

Partner InSite is best thought of as a set of components that work together to generate insights into how the channel markets and promotes their services and vendor products. These components include:

  • A custom web-discovery engine for finding and adding technology services companies to the engine
  • A cloud-based web crawler, specifically tuned to fetch and store the visible text of partner websites
  • A semantic analysis engine that uses custom dictionaries to count both the incidence and location of key phrases
  • A reporting layer that allows semantic filtering and reporting

From this infrastructure, we can use the information from the system to measure Share of Partner Voice, which is a metric that measures both how many and to what depth partners are talking about a given product, brand, service offering or vertical solution. With Share of Partner Voice, we measure branded practices - service or solution offerings that incorporate and reinforce brands from technology companies. This level of loyalty, a branded practice, is the highest degree of loyalty that a partner can offer, as it is a statement of standardization and represents the partners belief that your offering is not only the best to lead with, but will sustain that lead for the foreseeable future.

Share of Partner Voice can be used to solve several problems that technology vendors have, but the first and primary use is to find and target the specific partners who are most likely to be a good fit for a new or competitive offering in the market. Not all recruitment prospects are created equal, and because we can measure on multiple concepts, we can identify partners who are not just a good fit from a technical skill standpoint, but also from a complementary product viewpoint and sales approach.

But Partner InSite is much more than just a recruitment list generator - we can also use the engine to measure program compliance, finding partners who have not renewed their partner program level but are continuing to use the branding. By inspecting their web presence at scale, we can identify partners who are still attesting to be top partners and work with your legal team to send a compliance notice to compel the renewal on time, which is critical in balancing partner program costs and benefits.

We also can use the tool to track brand share as measured by partner promotion through their website, which we periodically publish in syndicated reports, showing which partners are most relevant to the market and which vendors and products are winning their attention and brand focus.

The most compelling feature? We integrate Partner InSite into an overall analytics framework with your data - measuring individual rep performance at landing branded practices.

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