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Don't sell a better mousetrap, sell a mouse free home




We have talked about selling benefits before, but more than just basic marketing collateral this is a critical behavior for today’s direct sales force.

Customers today are drowning in information and choices about what they will spend money on.  With so much information out there, it is critical for your sales staff to focus their message on that thing customers actually care about.

In today’s market this is more difficult than ever as technology solutions have gotten more complex.  You need to outline what the solution is, but more so what the possibilities are for using it in their environment.  It’s a little bit like explaining a tool box in the terms of the furniture it can build.

That said, you buy collaboration software so you can actually be connected across long distances, mobility solutions so you aren’t bound to one location, and security solutions because you want to be safe.

All of these things rely on a customer experience that can be distilled into 3 key benefits:

  • Better
  • Faster
  • Cheaper

How you define “better” might be different, in security it can be more visibility into network threats, or higher employee satisfaction when talking about collaboration software; but regardless, there is still this basic component. It all comes back to the value of the product, not the product itself.

Lately Jive Software has done an excellent job of doing this.  They have aligned their sales force around individual line of business owners and their specific business needs.  By doing this they can tailor the value message for their solution solving the exact problem their buyer is facing.

Lastly, anytime you talk about value or a product advantage you have, it is important to think about how it relates to the competition, since 13% faster transmission means nothing.  Focus on the value you offer that translates to a competitive advantage.

At the end of the day you need to always think about the customer and what problem they are trying to solve, only by doing that can you cut through all of the noise that exists in the market.

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The Spur Group

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