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Find talent where nobody else is looking

Find talent where nobody else is looking Featured Image

Find talent where nobody else is looking


If you are looking in the right way, some of your best hires will come from unlikely places. Pedigree is nice. Character + talent + unique experiences are better.

Here is what a few of our most talented consultants used to do before joining our firm.

  • We have a former professional soccer player
  • We have a former owner of a gardening firm
  • We have a former lawyer

Talent and results matter. Name brands matter less. We value substance more than status.

The rigor of being a professional athlete requires discipline, stamina, and focus. I can’t think of any better preparation for managing the daily grind of a typical consulting project.

A gardening firm owner has to solve a myriad challenges that span legal, marketing, accounting, sales, personnel…and the list goes on. These experiences are invaluable and are a great foundation in succeeding as a consultant.

A lawyer must be able to negotiate, gain consensus, deliver coherent arguments, and have great attention to detail. These are all core consulting skills.

So the next time you are looking for a consultant, try a different approach.

Find talent where your competitors are not looking. You might just be surprised what you discover.

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