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Get the budget you need to successfully market your targeted solution

Get the budget you need to successfully market your targeted solution Featured Image

Get the budget you need to successfully market your targeted solution

You’ve got a product to promote but you know you don’t have the right budget to effectively discuss your new product with your target audiences. When you go talk to your boss, you tell her that you have three separate audiences and all of them need different types of materials, which will require more money. When your boss asks why she needs to pay for three different types of content, you have to have a good answer.

The simple answer is that each audience requires different information and wants it delivered in a way that suits them. The best way to get your ideal budget is to define a specific target audience and ensure that all of your marketing efforts align directly with what your target audience wants and needs.

In the tech industry, there are 2 key decision makers we work with frequently. To explain different audiences’ needs, we use a homeownership analogy to illustrate each of the 2 decision makers and what they want when buying a new kitchen faucet.

Handyman theory

Say you’re buying a house that needs some work. One of the most common problems is a broken faucet in the kitchen sink. There are 2 key players here who will be making decisions regarding the faucet: the homeowner and the handyman. While they’re both interacting with the same house, they care about the very different things in the process.

  • The Homeowner: They do not care about all the specifications and logistics of the faucet. When buying a faucet, they want to know if it looks good in their kitchen, if it has levers or knobs, and if it fits with the other plumbing properly.
  • The Handyman: These decision makers do care about the features and components of the faucet. The handyman wants to make sure that the faucet will meet the needs of the homeowner, fit properly with the pipe and sink and know that their business will benefit from this faucet due to higher profit margins.

We can assign these roles to the decision makers we work with on a daily basis to understand what they care about and look for in materials.

Business Decision Makers (BDMs) are our Homeowners. BDMs want to hear about how they’ll benefit from this product. Features are of little concern to this group of decision makers. They talk business, not tech specifications.

Technical Decision Makers (TDMs) are the Handyman. TDMs are jacks-of-all-trades, wanting to see both the benefits and features of a product. But don’t go overboard on the features of a product, since TDMs are not specialists! Make sure you have a balanced mix of both features and benefits.

How to avoid common pitfalls

In order to get your full budget from your boss, you have to keep these 3 things in mind:

  1. Boast about the benefits to BDMs. Benefits are why consumers buy products. Features are product details that explain what makes up that product. While features provide relevant information, they’re not going to help close the deal.
  2. Focus on your actual audience. Targeting all targets none. If your target audience is TDMs, make sure the materials you’re providing are tailored to appeal to them. It won’t do any good to give TDMs materials that are beyond their knowledge and clearly made for field experts.  
  3. Help your audience come to the same conclusion. Don’t leave it up to your audience to come to the same conclusion you did. Tell them what you want them to know. Clearly show them what’s most important about your product or service with logical reasoning that will get them on board.

What’s next?

Identifying a specific audience is a must before you can write any successful marketing content. Distinguishing the right amount of detail your audience needs is key to getting your budget and successfully selling your merchandise.

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