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Is your content creation process hurting your revenue?



Over the years, we've worked with many clients who are looking to create content that will help them market their products or services. In the process we've seen 3 main reasons why they haven't met their past revenue goals with prior products or services:

  1. Time and budget are always working against you: product marketing teams are rarely given the deadline and money they desire to complete the level of work expected.
  2. Information is abundant, but it’s not always relevant: often, teams have very high-level or very detailed info. But don’t suss out the specific benefits customers need or want. 
  3. Stakeholders don’t get involved at the right times: while intentions are always in the right place, it is often difficult to get the right stakeholders engaged soon enough to see the vision but with enough time to voice their input. This means a go-to-market strategy can be delayed by eleventh-hour feedback.

It’s hard enough when one of these factors are in the way, let alone when several of them are working against you.

Time to make a change

No individual or team should have to battle all three of these at once. We've created a process that delivers results. Follow these 5 steps to make your content work for you:

  1. Get organized: create a tailored workback schedule for every deliverable to ensure people are accountable and know when work is planned and due.
  2. Get clear: construct clear messaging that resonates with the needs of your customers. Focus on what they get, not what you do.
  3. Get consensus: bring in the right stakeholders early on and keep them engaged throughout.
  4. Get done: execute to the workback you created and resist the temptation to move milestones so you and your team finish on time and on budget.
  5. Get results: arm your team with the materials they need to deliver.

By implementing this process, your team can deliver product marketing that is sure to boost your product revenue.

Looking for more structure and tactics around this process? We can help. Contact one of our connected communications experts today.

Randy Karr

Randy Karr

As CEO Randy sets the vision for the company, building strategic partnerships, and ensuring the Spur culture thrives. Randy has been with the team for over 14 years and has been instrumental in growing the business and developing our people. Prior to his time at The Spur Group, Randy held leadership positions at JP Morgan Chase, T-Mobile, CenturyLink and had a stint as a professional soccer player. A Seattle native, Randy has a BA from Seattle Pacific University.