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Keys to unlocking managed services

Keys to unlocking managed services Featured Image

Keys to unlocking managed services


In the previous blog, we discussed some of the great things that managed services can do for your business. But if you get it wrong, your team runs the risk of getting burnt out, of having diminished quality of work, and worse, being unhappy. Here are 3 keys to having a successful managed service:

1. Align on your scope of work

The first key to unlocking a managed services potential is setting up the sandbox within which it will execute. This sandbox defines the operational borders. Everything outside of those borders is out of scope. Take the time to figure out what services to manage, the duration of the engagement, and the work effort it will take to be successful. A project with undefined scope is unwieldy which is not good for anyone involved.

2. Determine points of accountability

Define who is on the team and what their roles and responsibilities are. You need to do this for both your company and the managed services team. These points of accountability make all the difference.

3. Identify clear change orders

A smart leader knows when to change strategies and the channels to go through to implement the requested or required modifications. Figure out how changes will be handled, who can approve, the documentation required, and the timeline in which this will be completed.

What’s next?

Unlocking the door is only the first step; over the next few weeks I will continue to look into managed services and what makes them truly successful. The end goal is to enable you to identify what is going to work for you. Now is the time of managed services.

See you next week.


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