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Channel Partner Recruitment Benefits From Partner Insite



Imagine the following scenario: Your boss comes to you and puts a new task on your plate—you are now responsible for creating and executing your company’s partner recruitment strategy.

Partner InSite brings a methodical and targeted approach to channel partner recruitment.

You know you need more partners and know they need be good. So how do you find these partners? The standard approach—what we at The Spur Group refer to as the “floodlight” approach—is to run a list of your top competitors’ partners against your partners, and go after those you don’t already have by blasting all of them with a channel partner recruitment email or phone call. But is this approach really going to make the difference for your channel? We don’t think so. Let us tell you why.

Channel Partner Recruiting - FloodlightThe floodlight approach is bigger, not better. In a world of rapid-fire product cycles and hybrid-partner types, taking the floodlight approach is no longer your best option. Why? Because a list of thousands of your competitor’s partners doesn’t tell you which ones are partners capable of growing your business—the ones that are capable and willing to develop a branded practice on your products or services. The floodlight approach is all breadth and no depth, and it’s not the approach that will help you target the best partners in the industry.

Channel Partner Recruitment - LaserThe laser approach is too narrow when you need big channel growth. You want to narrow your channel partner recruitment efforts to target the right partners for your channel, without narrowing so far that your floodlight becomes a laser. The laser approach allows you to target a small number of the very best partners in the industry, and provides you in depth information on each of them so that you can adjust your recruiting messaging appropriately for that partner. But we’ll tackle it and the floodlight approach in future blogs.

Channel Partner Recruitment - SpotlightCombine breadth and depth by leveraging the spotlight approach. The floodlight approach has been standard practice for a long time simply because there haven’t been many viable, worthwhile alternatives, and the laser approach is simply not scalable. You need an approach that allows you to target many, right partners. What you need is a spotlight. In our recent blogs, we’ve laid out the first two steps for putting together effective spotlight approach: determine what your partner channel really needs and build an effective value proposition. Step three is the tricky part. How do you narrow your list of target partners to those that are worth your recruiting efforts, without wasting your resources on partner-by-partner analysis? You need a scalable tool that filters the lists of recruit partners in a logical, methodical, relevant way.

By turning away from a floodlight approach to a “spotlight” approach, Partner InSite is lets vendors approach channel partner recruitment in new way. Partner InSite uses web crawling technology combined with syndicated, customized dictionaries to design a tailored recruitment engine that identifies and targets the partners that are compatible with and valuable for your channel. Unlike other channel partner recruitment tools, Partner InSite is both a breadth and a depth approach to recruitment (not quite floodlight, not quite laser). Partner InSite consolidates profile information for each partner into a custom report and enables you manipulate data to according to the views you want—by geography, by keyword, by industry, by size, by partner demographic, by vendor relationship, etc. In short, you can apply the lens you want, and then adjust your marketing and recruitment strategies according to sell your partnership to different groups (stay tuned for future blogs detailing these strategies).

Using the spotlight approach and leveraging the Partner InSite reports, you can feel confident that you are recruiting partners who are capable of growing your channel and of establishing a practice around your brand. At the end of the recruiting project you were tasked with, instead of an enormous list of unknown partners, you will have a deliberate report containing all the information you need about valuable partners with whom to grow your business. Your team will be enabled, your channel will grow, and your boss will be happy.

In coming blogs, we’ll talk more about when and how to leverage the floodlight and laser approach, the benefits of partner profiling, and how Partner InSite’s profiling capabilities enable you to increase your company’s share of partner voice.

Richard Flynn

Richard Flynn

Richard Flynn is a recognized leader in channels and go-to-market business strategy and execution. A Founding Partner and Chief Marketing Officer for The Spur Group, Richard has over 25 years of go-to-market experience in sales transformation, channel management, and customer marketing. He leads the firm’s strategic planning and marketing efforts, including customer experience, competitive strategy, and market execution.