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Reach the Highest Bar of Quality

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Reach the Highest Bar of Quality

A few days ago marked the first day that climbing enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest who want to venture above 4,800 feet could obtain their climbing permits for Mt St Helens.  If you’ve climbed there, you know what a special place it is and if you haven’t, now is your chance! But the other day I heard that the online application to accept those much sought-after passes failed because the vendor hired for the work failed to test the links for the website.

It was reported that about 800 people experienced disappointment and loss in the first 24 hours.

As a consultant in the IT industry, it struck me how easy it is to have this kind of failure. My emotional response to the story was to feel sorry for the vendor. It’s such an easy thing to miss. How much heat are they taking for this simple failure? How will their reputation be affected as a result? And how much frustration is the Park Service experiencing?

You expect that the solution will work as described. Every time. That is success.

When you hire a company or individual to create an application for you, or any kind of customer-facing deliverable, you expect that the solution will work as described. Every time. That is success. But it is so easy to miss the details. Missing that highest bar of quality can be an embarrassment, or it can be the end of your credibility.

Our firm has learned that at all levels we need to anticipate the multitude of problems that any change can introduce. Differentiation based on customer service is something that the retail industry has already learned, but great customer service is a distinction to strive for across all industries.

At The Spur Group, we care about the success and credibility of our clients, and to that end, we stand behind our disciplined adherence to best practices and deep attention to detail. We are rigorous about our internal review process, looking at every piece of the deliverable until its right. And then we start at the beginning and run through the entire deliverable, repeating that again and again until we can go from beginning to end without catching a mistake.

Every business problem gets addressed this way.

We ask our clients about the crucial outcomes for their business to ensure mutual success. What is their highest bar of quality? What kind of experience do they want to deliver to their customers? When we understand that, we share accountability with our clients and we deliver a solution to meet their needs at a quality level that we can both hang our hats on.

If you'd like to learn more about how we deliver consistent, impactful and lasting results for our clients, drop us a line.

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