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    May 16, 2020

    Top 5 Pillars to Pulling Off a Successful Event

    Whether it be a large in-person strategic event, a training event, a webinar, or a focus group, these five pillars are essential to establishing the best event for you and your customers. 

    1. Make it measurable

    Start by defining your objectives and then create measurable goals. Align those goals across the team and track them during the event. This way, everyone is working towards the same success metrics. Report on your results and incorporate findings into the next event you run. 

    2. Establish a clear call-to-action

    Everything must lead to a clear call-to-action or lest your audience walks away with no follow up.  Be sure to clearly communicate the next steps that your audience should take. Make sure the call-to-action is specific and relevant to each audience you address.

    3. Share real world stories

    To resonate with attendees, highlight relate-able stories of like customers at the event. Invite customers or partners to present their story and show how they benefited from your product or service. Allow others to have their own voice, and benefit from your customers and partners speaking on your behalf.

    4. Save time to practice 

    In the busy weeks leading up to an event, it’s easy to not prioritize practicing -- who has time for one more meeting? However, it’s key to an event’s success that all presenters practice their talk or demo ahead of time to ensure a polished performance. Setup practice sessions one-two weeks ahead of the event and consider providing speaker training.

    5. Build your team

    Planning an event can be daunting and should not be rushed. If you can, break down the planning into phases, and obtain the support of subject matter experts and key stakeholders throughout each phase.  The team should accrue to a common strategy and set of objectives, clearly defined in the early-planning phase. Moving into the preparation phase, tactics and key messages are defined. As you get closer to the event, you need a team whose expertise is specific to execution and logistical planning, as well as marketing demand gen to generate excitement. The event takes place and you reap the rewards of excellent preparation with a successful event. But don’t forget about the value of the post-event recap process where a full retrospective includes the incorporation of your findings into subsequent event planning.  

    At The Spur Group, we have decades of event experience in many industries and work one-on-one with our clients to help deliver memorable events of all sizes. We can work seamlessly with your team to develop a strategic plan, cohesive story, compelling content and manage all the details to deliver a high-impact event that exceeds objectives and delights your audiences. 

    Make The Spur Group your number one resource for event planning and execution. You can access our event planning eBook here or contact us directly

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