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A Survival Guide For The Time Zone Warrior

You have just been handed your assignment – lead a sales and marketing engagement for a new solution.You are unfamiliar with the products and this is highly technical stuff. There’s a tight deadline, but you’ve done this before. So no problem, right?
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Fueling innovation from acquisitions

Innovation is tough. It takes a long time. It is expensive. There are no guarantees. Others may have better ideas. When your business is faced with this reality, what can you do?
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Trust Is A Currency: Build And Spend It Wisely

Getting executive buy-in and funding is one of the biggest obstacles implementing a new business initiative whether you are in a new role, new organization or just have a new idea for driving the business forward. There is only so much that can be done, and only so many “top” priorities that can be executed with limited resources.  Top executives are always weighing requests for funding and other ...
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3 Superpowers of Effective Leaders

Seasoned executives know that so much of business success is having the right timing and talent -- getting there first and doing it the right way. Whether you are implementing a new service or technology or changing your entire mission to compete in your market, there are three different leadership superpowers that can ensure the success of your project when used appropriately. It is not a ...
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Forget the golden rule: Treat people the way they want to be treated

You were told all the way through your formative years that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. If you want to be most effective, stop that.  I am going to argue that there are multiple management techniques that one should consider and I will argue that these techniques are most effective when you tune them to the person with which you are dealing.
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Why "good enough" isn't

Your business is growing at 100 mph. And you're building it as fast as you can. So you settle for “good enough” on many things. Stop. Often, good enough just isn’t.
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Checklist: Don't start your project without these 6 things

The first step in project management is understanding if your project is actually a project, or just an idea. The project may seem interesting, and your executives may want it, but that doesn’t mean you dive in head first. If you start a project without the proper structure, it usually results in chaos. We’ve created an easy set of key components to self-diagnose whether you have a project worth ...
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I don't care what you're doing: Managing projects at scale

Percentages are at best a guess, and are almost always lies. Let’s say your boss asks you about the progress of your project. You respond that the project is 70% complete. But what does that percentage actually mean? Percentages don’t reflect the accuracy of completion toward desired outcomes, and executives want a concrete response that will leave them feeling reassured about their projects’ ...
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Understanding project management as a service

You just got handed a huge ask from your leadership. Your budget is large but your task list is larger. It’s hard to envision a way to get your hands around the project.
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