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5 reasons partner scoring gives you an unsurpassed advantage

In today’s business environment, a company’s growth is closely tied to partner performance. To be successful, channel managers need to continuously make decisions about which partners to invest in and how those investments, both in time and money, should be spent. With a dearth of actionable insights though, these channel management decisions are often based on experience and gut instinct.
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Use Data To Define Your Channel Management

We live in an interesting time. Sales and marketing has changed over the last couple of years. Both consumer and commercial buyer’s behaviors are tracked, modeled and predicted like never before. Company are investing in big data like never before and spending is likely to increase by 50% by 2019.
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Measure your impact with channel capacity planning

Effective channel capacity planning lets you manage your ecosystem to maintain the right mix of partners. Channel capacity planning is much more than a forecasting tool. You can use it to rank your impact with your partners.
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Size Does Not Always Equal Strength

When thinking about a successful partner channel it certainly seems logical that bigger is better. The more partners you have re-selling, the more revenue you and your company will enjoy.
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