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Channel Partner Recruitment Benefits From Partner Insite

Imagine the following scenario: Your boss comes to you and puts a new task on your plate—you are now responsible for creating and executing your company’s partner recruitment strategy.
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You Can't Buy Partner Love

“Successful” partner recruitment most often consists of offering up a platter of cookies: economic incentives, pre-qualified leads, or extensive sales and readiness. But there are fundamental flaws with this approach to recruitment.
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Your Partner Business Proposition Is Key

The partner business proposition is the value the channel receives from selling your company’s products and solutions. Forming a strong partner business proposition should be an essential element to any channel recruitment effort.
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Why You Are Failing In Partner Recruitment

When it comes to partner recruitment, thinking that by adding more partners your channel will thrive is an easy trap to fall into. Size matters, but more important is the commitment of your partners. The key to a successful channel is to be smart about how you recruit, and finding the right partners for your business through targeted recruitment.
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