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5 Critical Things To Get Right During A Cloud Transition

While the growth of cloud computing (See Cloud computing: You may ask yourself - well, how did I get here?) offers considerable opportunities, it’s also rife with uncertainty. For many technology providers, setting the right cloud strategy is anything but straightforward.
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7 Easy Steps For Better Cloud Partners

Whether it’s for cloud products that already exist or planning for a future cloud strategy, you need a partner ecosystem to help drive your business. A cloud go-to-market strategy is vastly different than an on-premises strategy though, so building the ecosystem will require a different approach than you may have used in the past.
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Growing A Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Customer demand for cloud solutions is growing exponentially, as both the practical and financial benefits are becoming too attractive to resist. If you’re a software vendor, this is great news: it’s creating ever-expanding opportunities for you, because customers are seeking the very cloud solutions you want your partners to sell.
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Are You Willing To Live Through The Same Pain As Your Partners?

You tell your partners to make the leap to the cloud – and if you are committed to making the leap yourself, you’ll experience some of the same growing pains that they do. There might be a few years of pain, but in the end you will have a strategy that builds market share and creates a foundation for sustainable growth.
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Cloud Computing: You May Ask Yourself - Well, How Did I Get Here?*

 Cloud computing has a long history. The cloud seems to be everywhere. Your customers are asking about it, your partners are trying to figure out how it affects them, and you are trying to work through the changes you need to make in your business.
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Cloud Services Create Channel Partner Opportunities

Over the past 5 years, I've worked with many partners in helping them figure out how to add the cloud to their revenue mix. In my prior role leading Microsoft's cloud partner efforts in the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group, much of the focus was on the resale of SAAS offerings as a replacement for low margin license reselling, which was a good business for both Microsoft and the partner ...
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