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Drive Revenue Acceleration with Smart Partner Incentives

As a channel management leader, you need to structure your incentives in a way that drives partner behavior. To manage your channel successfully, it’s best to follow a five step process:
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8 Examples Of Channel Incentive Programs

Partner channel incentives are used to drive behavior—either to establish new behaviors, curb old ones, or shift partners into a new practice. Incentives can also be used to address deficiencies in your business value proposition. The best incentives do both.
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Seeing The Forest For The Trees

It is too easy to forget that channel management is really all about economics. And that means it’s really all about building and managing an investment model. Make sure you can answer three critical questions.
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Is Your Channel Incentive Program A Money Pit?

For many vendors, channel incentives are perhaps the single largest line item of cost for channel management. The costs are often so large, they require the program to be contra-revenue to be funded. This becomes a double edged sword. It lets you reward your partners, but it also makes understanding the value of your investment hard to measure.
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Why It's All About Driving Partner Performance

Manage your channel management investments to drive specific behaviors. Every channel management investment you make should be for the explicit purpose of driving partner behavior.
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