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How to build a winning channel partner recruitment BOM

Having trouble recruiting the right partners who will consistently rep your solution over the competition's? You aren’t alone. The most common partner recruitment pitfall we’ve seen at The Spur Group is failing to align the right content and messaging to the right audience, in the right order, within your targeted partners.  
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How To Target Content For Better Partner Recruitment

Once you know what to say, then your need to think through who to say it to.  You should arm your partner recruitment sales team with content that focuses on three key roles in your targeted partners.
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Why You Are Failing In Partner Recruitment

When it comes to partner recruitment, thinking that by adding more partners your channel will thrive is an easy trap to fall into. Size matters, but more important is the commitment of your partners. The key to a successful channel is to be smart about how you recruit, and finding the right partners for your business through targeted recruitment.
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