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Make an Impact: Know Your Channel Health Index

It is impossible to ensure your channel efforts are paying off unless you have an objective, data-driven view of your teams' and programs' performance. Diagnosing channel effort performance, or health, can be done quickly, but if done incorrectly will lead to stagnant and potentially declining business results. To ensure your channel strategy, performance and go-to-market approach are where they ...
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The Channel Health Index Checklist: Accelerate Your Channel Management

How confident are you with whether your channel management efforts are having the right impact on your required business outcomes? Are your incentives driving behavior or acting more as an entitlement? Do your partner managers each drive the right level of readiness and pipeline with your partners? Are your programs both competitive and deeply entrenching you as a preferred vendor with your ...
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How To Use Partner Scoring To Fuel Better Channel Management

Every channel leader faces the same core question: How do I use my limited resources, programs and people to generate the biggest possible influence on my partners and best meet my business objectives?
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What A PERC Score Is And Why It Matters

Where is my investment of time, resources and money working? Where is it not? Are there places in my channel where revenue could be better? If you find yourself asking one or more of these questions, you may need help with your channel management. But you certainly aren’t alone. Understanding the intricacies of your specific channel can be tricky, which is why it’s best for channel managers to ...
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Get The Most Out Of Partners By Measuring Their True Value

If you’re only looking at the top revenue producing partners, you’re missing the value of your ecosystem. Sure, the partners that drive large portions of your business are important, but they’re not the only ones.  You may be missing the rising stars and creating an overly concentrated top. You could find yourself in a bind when one of them shifts to the competition. The goal should be to create ...
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5 reasons partner scoring gives you an unsurpassed advantage

In today’s business environment, a company’s growth is closely tied to partner performance. To be successful, channel managers need to continuously make decisions about which partners to invest in and how those investments, both in time and money, should be spent. With a dearth of actionable insights though, these channel management decisions are often based on experience and gut instinct.
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