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I care about what’s done, not what you’re doing

Traditional project management only gets you so far Traditional, PMI certified project management relies heavily on managing to task lists. First, you’d organize your activities, then establish a timeline, and finally align contributors to each activity.
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A Survival Guide For The Time Zone Warrior

You have just been handed your assignment – lead a sales and marketing engagement for a new solution.You are unfamiliar with the products and this is highly technical stuff. There’s a tight deadline, but you’ve done this before. So no problem, right?
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Checklist: Don't start your project without these 6 things

The first step in project management is understanding if your project is actually a project, or just an idea. The project may seem interesting, and your executives may want it, but that doesn’t mean you dive in head first. If you start a project without the proper structure, it usually results in chaos. We’ve created an easy set of key components to self-diagnose whether you have a project worth ...
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Understanding project management as a service

You just got handed a huge ask from your leadership. Your budget is large but your task list is larger. It’s hard to envision a way to get your hands around the project.
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A tested perspective on successful business planning (part 2)

This post is the second of a three-part series on strategic planning. If you followed the guidance from the from our a tested perspective on successful business planning post, you’ve set yourself up to have a good debate and each attendee should be armed with plenty of anecdotal insights. That said, you need to make sure that conventional business wisdom aligns with the data you have at hand. ...
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Project management is not leadership

Bad news. You have spent years getting good at project management. You thought that project management skills would prepare you to lead. I am about to tell you that project management is not the same as leadership. And perhaps more disheartening, that project management without leadership is like engineering without good taste – you get something, but it usually isn’t good.
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The project headaches you don’t need

The results you get from outside project staffing are hit and miss, and it’s beginning to show. At times, acceptable outcomes trickle in, but the years of entry level experience the typical staffing companies tout…meaningless. You’ve tried to screen for talent by scouring resumes and conducting interviews, but the results remain inconsistent at best. The old project staffing model that values ...
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