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Top 5 Pillars to Pulling Off a Successful Event

Whether it be a large in-person strategic event, a training event, a webinar, or a focus group, these five pillars are essential to establishing the best event for you and your customers. 
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Does your marketing and sales enablement content need a tune-up?

There are 3 key questions to ask. Is your marketing and sales enablement content driving the results that you need? If your answer is no, you aren’t alone. Building strong content is a tough job even if you have a killer content strategy, passionate subject matter experts, and the resources needed to execute.
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How to build a winning channel partner recruitment BOM

Having trouble recruiting the right partners who will consistently rep your solution over the competition's? You aren’t alone. The most common partner recruitment pitfall we’ve seen at The Spur Group is failing to align the right content and messaging to the right audience, in the right order, within your targeted partners.  
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5 techniques to drive audience engagement

If you want to drive to deep insights and strong team alignment, consider applying techniques that compel your audience to think with you. This is most effective when you need to have strong intellectual and emotional connections. Effectively, you need to discuss something really important.
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We need a different approach for technical marketing

In Ray’s blog, he talked about how technical marketing differs from consumer marketing.
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5 steps to a killer messaging framework that will save you

Saying a messaging framework can save you might seem a little strong.  But a well-crafted Messaging Framework can save you hundreds of hours and, ultimately, make your field and partners significantly more effective.
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