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We need a different approach for technical marketing

We need a different approach for technical marketing Featured Image

We need a different approach for technical marketing

In Ray’s blog, he talked about how technical marketing differs from consumer marketing.

Having established that there is indeed a difference in the way you market to businesses versus consumers, I’d like to talk about how we at The Spur Group go about accomplishing this. There are two requirements for successful technical marketing:

  1. Deep technical understanding
  2. Timely content creation

Being tech savvy is more important than ever

Technology is constantly changing. No longer can we get by with just a cursory understanding of how a product or service works. Without deep technical understanding, you don’t have the ability to drive home the benefits to the consumer.

Without truly understanding the benefit it produces to the consumer and their business, you won’t be able to produce marketing that is compelling.

Being technologically proficient makes interactions with developers and designers more efficient. They don't have to spend time explaining speeds and feeds to us. We, the marketers, can make the most of their involvement and reduce time to market. Ultimately, this benefits customers because they have rich content to make decisions. Because we know what they're talking about and because we applied a consultative approach we can turn a message around in a matter of weeks not months.

Cut down your content creation time

Innovation isn’t something you can schedule. And if you wait for the “right moment” to say or do something, your message maybe irrelevant.

In the tech industry, innovation is a way of life. Marketers have to find a way to capitalize on the competitive advantage of a product or service and get it into the market quickly for it to translate to any kind of revenue acceleration. The next big thing can come along at any second targeting your market share and challenging your way of thinking.

Contact one of our Connected Communication specialists for more information about how you can boost your revenue acceleration efforts.

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