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Business Operations

Supporting your sales, marketing and channel operations

Unlike other consulting firms, The Spur Group goes beyond strategy. We help you put plans into action and provide support for your sales, marketing and channel operations. From project management to staffing, change management to sales enablement tools, we share responsibility and accountability with your team to accelerate revenue and deliver measurable results.


Growth Profile Strategic Model

Our Growth Profile strategic framework helps you map your product priorities to your partner performance in a quantifiable manner. It quickly lets you assess which products are in the incubate, transform, perform or optimize growth profiles and helps you determine the right strategic balance to recruit, grow, develop or prune your partner base.



With multiple people working on a project, it’s difficult to know who’s doing what and how well they’re performing. We manage your project with precision and flexibility, using a well-honed seven-discipline method and powerful collaboration tools. Our consultants also help you manage the stakeholders and others to drive changes and realize results that matter.



Business momentum requires more than process excellence alone. We provide instant-on services to support your success in five critical areas: confidence the work will be completed correctly, expertise beyond the task at hand, ability to scale now and in times of crisis, insights that make your strategies smarter and freedom to focus on your value add


“My experience with Spur has been outstanding. Easily one of the very best vendor experiences I’ve had in my 10 years at Microsoft … it has been a pleasure working with all of them.”

Peter Cooper | Director of Product Marketing, Internet of Things | Microsoft

Business Operations Services


Operations Frameworks

If the core of your business is broken, it won’t take long to crumble. Customer experience, cost, quality and employee satisfaction all depend on operational excellence. The Spur Group’s operations frameworks have been proven worldwide to deliver rapid, marked and sustained improvements.


You may have great plans for your company in your head, but are you communicating them? The Spur Group helps your team create usable, targeted playbooks that translate your operational plans into concrete actions for your channel and field.

Collaboration Tools

A centralized online workspace is a powerful tool for driving accountability and visibility, both within your team and with your executives. The Spur Group works with you to create an easily accessible, customized collaboration site using SharePoint. The results: better information and better collaboration.

High Stakes Initiative Management v1.png

High Stakes Initiative Management


Channel Optimization

Partners and resellers are crucial to extending your market reach. But, it’s often difficult to achieve a consistent customer experience across your channel, inside and direct field sales. As part of our sales channel management services, we can help you recruit, train and motivate the best partners. More importantly, we bring these partners and resellers into alignment with your direct sales force, supporting your channel operations.

Sales Enablement

Instead of just reacting to customers, we give your sales force the tools to frame and control the conversation. As part of our sales transformation services, we provide industry-based skills assessments and customer-focused sales enablement, as well as a methodical approach to technologies like social media that allows your team to win and close business faster.

Content Creation

Systematic marketing and partner communications are essential for revenue acceleration. Our Content Creation Engine leverages your best sales, marketing and technical subject-matter experts, drawing upon multiple points of view to quickly produce world-class content. Our proven approach makes it easy to build great content – and business momentum.

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