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The Spur Group - Channel Management

Channel Management

Optimize channel revenues and profitability

Are you spending too much time guessing what’s working and what isn’t? With technology changing so rapidly, a great product isn’t enough: You also need go-to-market efficiency and data-driven tools for managing partners and channel sales.

Channel visibility and data insights are critical to effective channel management and accelerated revenue growth.

The Spur Group’s unique set of tools, seasoned team of industry experts and rigorous approach help you capture those insights and use them to transform your sales channel.

The Spur Group - Growth Profile Strategic Model

Growth Profile Strategic Model

Our Growth Profile strategic model helps you map your product priorities to your partner performance in a quantifiable manner. It quickly lets you assess which products are in the incubate, transform, perform or optimize growth profiles and helps you determine the right strategic balance to recruit, grow, develop or prune your partner base.

The Spur Group - PERC Partner Scoring

Partner Scoring

Identify your top partners and track their performance with our data-driven Partner Effective Revenue Capacity (PERC) score. With the PERC model you can measure all your partners, benchmark similar sized partners and see the impact of your channel management efforts. This score helps you define the right territories, manage partners and better use incentives to fuel growth.

The Spur Group - Partner Insite


Understand how your partners go to market. Map which vendors, products and markets a partner focuses on with Partner Insite, our comprehensive database. The Spur Group provides you with unmatched insight into what drives a partner, helping you recruit and defend against the competition like never before.


The Spur Group is a vital partner in VMware’s channel transformation efforts. As an example, we have achieved breakthroughs in the way we do channel capacity planning thanks to Spur’s services. Spur helped us gain programmatic insight into our partner ecosystem so we know where and how to invest for the most impact. If you are looking to address a channel challenge, I highly recommend Spur.”

Coleen Kapase | Vice President, Partner Go To Market Strategy | VMware

Channel management services

The Spur Group - Channel Management

Competitive Recruitment

Do you know why your partners are still selling your competitors’ products – or why your competitors’ best partners aren’t selling yours? The secret is to structure an effective partner business proposition that aligns your product benefits with the partner’s business needs and motivations.

The Spur Group uses proprietary tools to measure how partners choose what to sell. Our consultants then use these insights to dramatically improve your own partner business proposition and competitive recruitment, helping you achieve your business goals.

Capacity Planning

How many partners do you need to meet your growth targets? The easy answer is “more.” But, adding partners also adds cost – and doesn’t automatically produce better results in the market.

The Spur Group understands the science of effective capacity planning. Our consultants help you competitively recruit partners and show you how to drive channel sales growth by tapping into the potential of your existing channel.

Channel Incentives

Every investment in your channel must drive intended partner behaviors and create measurable, sustainable results. We’ve built, managed and measured the impact of billions in channel incentives programs. We know what works, what doesn’t and more importantly why.

The 4Cs of channel capacity planning 2017 05 19.png
Improve your channel results with better partner capacity planning.
The Spur Group - Channel Management

Partner Programs

Great partner programs use carefully architected levers to shape partner behaviors, driving focus, performance and retention. We’ve created programs that deliver value to more than 700,000 partners, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Channel Marketing

Vendors spend millions of dollars on channel marketing campaigns and materials. When partners ignore those materials, the vendor’s efforts are wasted. To correct course and ensure results, vendors need the ability to measure the impact of marketing campaigns and gain insights.

The Spur Group provides focus, discipline and expertise to help vendors identify, reduce and turn around this waste. We help you design and execute end-to-end partner marketing strategies and campaigns that drive market awareness, partner action and customer demand.

Partner Conferences

A great partner conference motivates your partners, the press and your staff like nothing else. Annual conferences are also expensive and have limited reach, giving you only one shot to hit the target.

The Spur Group helps you get more from partner conferences of any size, aligning the messaging, content and experience to maximize impact and drive results.

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