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Combat problems impacting your marketing content development cover

What is in the guide

Whether you have a whole department or you're a team of one, it is difficult to create compelling messages that actually reach your desired audience. With constant innovation, it's become increasingly difficult to stay relevant and show your customers your product or solution advantage.   

We'll help you:

  • Get your teams on the same page
  • Deliver compelling messages
  • Resonate with your current and potential customers

Effective marketing doesn't have to be an impossible task. Download your own copy of our eBook to learn more. 


About the author

Randy KarrRandy Karr is the leader in The Spur Group’s executive communications and staffing practices with over 15 years of experience. He leads projects involving internal and external communications, presentation and speech development and executive communication plans for clients including Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Nokia and Juniper Networks.

Randy Karr
The Spur Group


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