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    Client Story: Communications Strategy Framework Showcases Product Portfolio Value

    At a glance

    Unifying siloed groups and agendas, our client garnered executive buy-in through a careful, disciplined, and collaborative process designed by The Spur Group. Our collaboration refreshed our client’s portfolio-level narrative and messaging to advance itself as the market leader, all within a short timeframe.

    The power of a compelling story

    A consistent communications strategy and framework are essential to capturing customer and partner attention. A compelling, relatable, and focused story builds your audience’s trust and inspires them to action.

    Our client owns a wide-ranging portfolio of security services and products. Through a company alliance, the group actively partners with more than 170 key security vendors. To achieve better security outcomes and to address a wider target group, the company integrates its products with vendor products.

    Opportunity for modern messaging

    With cybersecurity threats growing exponentially and rapidly emerging online, the security group wanted to evolve its strategic communication.

    While the company built a customizable integration framework for nearly every product in its security portfolio, the group needed product messaging that unified across executives, teams, and programs.

    The company also needed a common narrative to tie the entire security brand together in time to launch at a professional event for global sales teams, executives, and business leaders that was happening in 12 weeks.

    Building a new messaging framework

    With a small window of time to act, The Spur Group quickly assembled a team of experts to work closely with the leaders of each product team. Together, our team identified the differentiators for each product solution. We additionally determined their unique communication needs and priorities.

    Our deliverables included:

    1. Generating a communications strategy and framework on which to build messaging after confirming key issues, challenges, and criteria for success
    2. Utilizing tools including market research, target audience analysis, and focus groups to develop and test unified messaging on our client’s complete security product portfolio
    3. Interviewing nearly 30 key stakeholders from different functional groups (involving product, sales, engineering, etc.) across our client’s organization to understand their vision of the new messaging
    4. Providing structured project management support to record decisions, track actions, note feedback, and ensure all deadlines were met
    5. Running an executive-level governance process to agree on key issues, challenges, and success criteria

    The technology company trusted us based on our previous, successful collaborations together where we demonstrated industry and product knowledge. Our client also valued our storytelling ability for customer-facing narratives. Our teams varied the content to deliver the right mix of unique benefits, features, and differentiators to best convince its audience to act.

    Unified narrative leads to buy-in and alignment

    After implementing the strategies, our client launched a powerful, unified narrative across all product teams within the security group.

    Our coordinated efforts produced cohesive messaging that clearly articulated value for each product within the portfolio and resonated with security customers. Furthermore, consistent communication helped advance our client as the security market leader.

    The collaborative process achieved executive buy-in and alignment across the organization with common benchmarks of success. Project deliverables met or exceeded all deadlines, allowing for maximum impact and seamless coordination at planned events.

    What we delivered

    • Brand and product messaging
    • Content strategy and development
    • Event strategy and content
    • Project, process, and program management
    • Governance process and review cadence

    The results


    key communications deliverables

    Launched a unified communications strategy for all product teams within security group

    Advanced client as the security market leader

    Produced messaging that clearly articulated product values

    Achieved executive buy-in and alignment across the organization

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