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The Spur Group - Connected Communications

Marketing and Communications

Messaging that drives change

For innovative companies, communication is an ongoing challenge: How do you convey entirely new ideas and concepts to your customers and partners? For effective customer marketing and partner communications, you need strategic messaging – not fluff and technical jargon.

The world’s leading brands rely on The Spur Group to translate complex, innovative ideas into compelling narratives that get results that matter. We work with you to showcase the benefits of your products and services with messaging that engages and educates your audience, shifting their beliefs and behaviors.


Sales Engagement

Our POWER sales engagement arms your sellers, both partners and field, with the tools and resources to convince business decision makers (BDMs) and technical decision makers (TDMs) to choose your products and services.  The POWER framework can scale to your specific need and all materials are designed in concert to provide a powerful, consistent set of sales messages.



From event presentations and product launches to ongoing communications, we help your company and products stand out. We make sure your key messages are consistent across communications, connected to achieving your business objectives and competitive in your market.


Content Engine

Systematic marketing and partner communications are essential for revenue acceleration. The Content Creation Engine leverages your best sales, marketing and technical subject-matter experts, drawing upon multiple points of view to quickly produce world-class content. Our proven approach makes it easy to build great content – and business momentum.


“The Spur Team always came super prepared, and was extremely knowledgeable about our technologies and product mix. Their ability to absorb complex concepts, up-level information for various audiences and deliver high impact presentations has proven Spur to be an invaluable partner to Cisco.”

John Damon | Senior Manager, Security Product Marketing | Cisco

Marketing and Communication Services


Sales Enablement

Your sales teams interact with customers every day, and they need clear, meaningful information to close sales. The Spur Group helps your sales teams position your company to customers using a wide variety of media, from pitch decks and battle cards to executive-level presentations. 

Complex Communications

When you’re conveying complex, innovative ideas, you need crisp, clear messaging at every touch point. The Spur Group helps you create compelling narratives that educate and engage your audience. We work with you to identify and highlight your most important points, combining visuals, language and strategy to drive understanding and action.

Communications Planning

Reaching a variety of audiences isn’t easy: You need to tailor your message for different audiences to achieve different outcomes. The Spur Group helps you determine the best cadence, medium and depth of communication for each scenario, and provides a simple framework and tools for tracking communication delivery and results.

Preventing a presentation disaster cover.png

Preventing a Presentation Disaster

Connected Communications


You know your message is valuable, but you’re competing against your audience’s smartphones and laptops for attention. Take your speech to a new level, using The Spur Group’s IP to create understanding and connect with your audience. Our approach matches your style and voice while increasing your power to persuade and drive action.

Messaging Frameworks

Without a strategic framework for your content, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. The Spur Group works with you to craft an authentic story in your own voice, and provides a framework that unifies your internal team and inspires your audiences.

Social Media

Want to expand your reach over social media but don’t know where to start? We help you choose the right platform for your business and avoid time-consuming trial and error. We integrate social media and content marketing into your existing communications plan, then measure and track performance to drive outstanding results.

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