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    Building an Effective Messaging Framework

    The step-by-step guide

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    Is your messaging falling short?

    We share a step-by-step guide to building a strategy document for effective and consistent messaging, better aligned internal teams, and a single source of truth. 

    In the guide, you will learn exactly how to:

    Step 1 - Conduct pre-research

    Step 2 - Set the market context

    Step 3 - Provide a solution overview

    Step 4 - Define the target audience

    Step 5 - Establish the value pillars

    Step 6 - Write your copy blocks

    Step 7 - Know what to put in your appendix

    Strengthen your communication efforts with this free guide

    The Spur Group was instrumental in helping us hone important messaging and very quickly cascade it to highly-anticipated sales assets. They exhibited impressive skill and professionalism in navigating the many moving pieces and varying perspectives from key stakeholders across the project.

    Mark Gallant | Sr Director Marketing, IoT Manufacturing Solutions, PTC