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    The 5 Biggest Challenges in Tech Sales and How to Fix Them

    How to refresh your sales strategy to do more with less

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    As the technology industry has changed over the last decade, so have the needs of technology sales teams. In the past, revenue growth was often based on product quality, and many technology companies used that strategy to become the powerhouses they are today. However, as product advantages wane, selling becomes tougher.

    Technology leaders who focus on a strategic go-to-market approach can beat out their competition. But, it’s not easy. In our work with technology companies, we've seen 5 common challenges within sales organizations.

    In this guide, we'll help you identify these challenges in your company and fix them for good: 

    • Market and territory coverage is unbalanced
    • Sales enablement programs aren't consistent
    • Not rewarding the right behaviors 
    • Pitting direct and indirect sellers against each other
    • Each dollar of revenue costs too much

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    The Spur Group helped us foster, develop, and deliver an essential sales pipeline program and process that substantially and positively impacted our overall partner alignment, customer engagement and revenue growth. They partnered with us on this very important and key initiative to help us deliver significant results in an imperative area of the business.

    Adam C Rodell | National Director, U.S. Enterprise Commercial, Data & Artificial Intelligence - Azure Data Services, Microsoft