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    A Guide to the Modern Deal Registration Program

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    Elevate your channel strategy

    Deal registration has been around for decades in complex businesses, but many companies aren’t using these programs to the full potential. Modern deal registration focuses on demand generation, rather than account protection, investing in partners that bring in new business.

    In our guide to modern deal registration, we highlight the 10 key questions to ask before creating or amending a deal registration program, from how to fund a program to choosing the right incentives and evaluating success.

    What's included in the guide: 

    1. What is deal registration and why is it important?
    2. Are deal registration programs ideal for all vendors?
    3. Key questions for building a deal registration program

      • How will we fund the program?

      • Who approves the deal as registered and when?

      • Which products are covered under the program?

      • Which partners can participate?

      • Which incentives drive meaningful behavior?

      • How do sales staff get compensated?

      • How can we create barriers to entry in the program?

      • How will you manage the deal workflows?

      • How does deal registration work with lead distribution?

      • How will we know the program is working?

    4. Managing deal registration the right (and profitable) way

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    Chris Spence | Chief Marketing Officer, FlintFox