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    The Essential Guide to Partner Planning

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    The goal of partner planning in a technology company is to ensure the right products are available to customers at the right time, all while managing cost. Sounds easy, right?

    As any channel leader knows, partner planning is a complex process that requires careful alignment with overall business goals. Through years of experience, our team of channel experts at The Spur Group have identified the essential elements of partner planning and are ready to share with you.

    Learn how to structure your partner planning

    Build your partner planning framework

    • From growth levers to evaluating partner performance, the 5 steps to an effective partner framework

    Set the right goals

    • Why working efficiently and creating balance is more important than gathering as many partners as possible

    Benchmark your channel efforts against your direct sales

    • How to use product growth mapping to make it happen

    Roll it out to partners

    • The 6 key questions to ask about your partner portfolio and the 4-step process to a practical, adjustable plan


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    The Spur Group is a vital partner in VMware’s channel transformation efforts. As an example, we have achieved breakthroughs in the way we do channel capacity planning thanks to Spur’s services.

    Colleen Kapase | VP Partner GTM, Incentives and Programs, VMware