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    How to Deliver a Superior Partner Experience

    A guide to the new partner experience model

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    Partners can have a major impact on your bottom line — for better or for worse. Not all partners have the same needs or share similar motivations, so we shouldn’t expect uniform results from our partners or programs.

    Meanwhile, product innovation is no longer enough to attract and retain the highest performing partners. As partners have evolved away from exclusive selling, channel programs need to evolve to keep up.

    The increased competition for partner attention combined with the need to scale channel business has created a decision crossroads for technology leaders. Continue business-as-usual or invest in a strategic partner experience?

    Find out how to implement your own comprehensive approach with our guide: 

    The changing channel environment

    • Channel leaders at technology companies who’ve had their heads down over the past few years might not have noticed a fundamental shift happening within the channel partner space. Find out what you could be missing from the partner equation.

    What is a partner experience?

    • Like a customer experience used in marketing and sales, the partner experience can be tough to pin down. We walk through the key elements of a good and bad partner experience to help you evaluate your own processes.

    The new partner experience model

    • With the amount of data available at your fingertips, you can now customize your offerings, track partner progress, and measure impact in a very individualized manner, fundamentally changing the way you manage partners. We’ll cover the three essential elements of a partner experience.

    How to improve your existing partner experience

    • You’ll learn how to assess your current partner experience and develop processes that work for your unique ecosystem.

    The opportunities of channel management and the partner experience

    • Find out why we’re optimistic about the partner experience as a driver for growth.

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    The Spur Group is a vital partner in VMware’s channel transformation efforts. As an example, we have achieved breakthroughs in the way we do channel capacity planning thanks to Spur’s services.

    Colleen Kapase | VP Partner GTM, Incentives and Programs, VMware