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Meet our leadership team

Bringing years of experience in solving tough problems for our clients

TheSpurGroup_2607 Randy_Carr

Randy Karr

Co-founder and CEO
TheSpurGroup_3441 Chris_McCall

Chris McCall

Co-Founder and CFO
TheSpurGroup_8784 Richard_Flynn

Richard Flynn

Co-founder and CMO
TheSpurGroup_1045 Steve_White

Steve White

Co-founder and COO
TheSpurGroup_3691 Scott_Davis

Scott Davis

Chief Delivery Officer
TheSpurGroup_3611 Bhavani_Murugiah

Bhavani Murugiah

Chief People Officer
TheSpurGroup_1197 Mike_Frantz

Mike Frantz

Sr. Managing Director
TheSpurGroup_3322 Dan_Overgaag

Dan Overgaag

Managing Director
TheSpurGroup_3488 Allison_Strother

Allison Strother

Managing Director
TheSpurGroup_2165 Jeff_Betts

Jeff Betts

Head of Business Development
TheSpurGroup_3885 Cynthia_LaRowe

Cynthia LaRowe

Managing Director
Wilson, Raegan website

Raegan Wilson

Managing Director
TheSpurGroup_3121 David_Fausel

David Fausel

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_3266 Erin_Farrell

Erin Farrell

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_3190 Dylan_Bodet v2

Dylan Bodet

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_2310 Leland_Matthaeus

Leland Matthaeus

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_1085 Todd_Orwig

Todd Orwig

Senior Director, Operations
TheSpurGroup_2219 Anusha_Shankar

Anusha Shankar

Director of Marketing
TheSpurGroup_2411 Susannah_Sharp

Susannah Sharp

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_3961 Daniel_Mutch

Daniel Mutch

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_2804 Clay_Campbell

Clay Campbell

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_3807 Luis_Bonifaz

Luis Bonifaz

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_2555 Susan_Dodds

Susan Dodds

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_2055 Rick_Karr

Rick Karr

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_1999 Ben_Schiferg

Ben Schifberg

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_1877 John_Burley

John Burley

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_2350 Luke_Gordon

Luke Gordon

Client Delivery Director
TheSpurGroup_2916 Eddie_Antuna

Eddie Antuna

Director of Business Development
TheSpurGroup_3021 Tiluck_Bhatt

Tiluck Bhatt

Director of Continuous Improvement
TheSpurGroup_2114 Ryn_Jewett

Ryn Jewett


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