Create the successful event you always envisioned

Demonstrate the importance of your event

You want your event to establish the right mood, introduce your message in a compelling way, and rev up your audience. No one wants to sit through a boring, uninspiring event. You can avoid the unbearable by using the experts at The Spur Group to organize an event that is both memorable and informative.

In this eBook, we'll guide you through our connect-inspire-influence approach to design an event that leaves a positive, lasting impression on your audience:

  • Connect - Most successful event have a natural, person-to-person connection
  • Inspire -  Poor delivery will muddle your message
  • Influence - Every event is a chance to build your public image

Hosting a successful event doesn't have to be your Achilles' heel when you take advantage of the decades of experience the connected communications specialists at The Spur Group boast. Download our eBook to start now. 


"The Spur Group took our existing evidence engine and tripled our monthly case study output, authoring and refining an efficient low-touch process for developing customer stories. The team was able to provide significant time savings for myself as well as other stakeholders and the process and systems they helped to establish are now being expanded to help capture evidence across multiple teams within Microsoft.”

Heather Doran | Sr. Manager, Partner Channel Marketing | Microsoft