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We are all in this together

We've been meeting weekly with different leaders around Seattle and Bellevue, from the heads of schools, to leaders of law firms, business financial experts, leaders of non-profit organizations and local area CEOs. We mostly discuss how to care for our people and our communities.

Practicing radical kindness, composed of warmth, empathy, and respect, is what we need right now and we at Spur are fortunate to be able to help our people and our community during these turbulent times. We are experienced at weathering difficult times. During the great recession we didn’t have to lay any of our employees off. Unfortunately, some of our peers did and not only did they have to lay off employees, some even lost their businesses. We don’t want to see this again. We want a thriving, vibrant economy and community.

Now is the time to help each other out, not hold things close to our chest. Now is the time to do what we can to lift all in the community. With that in mind, this site offers ideas around running your business, engaging your workforce and helping your community.

Stay home and stay safe.

Business In The 2020s

I’ve been thinking for some time about how businesses (ours and others) are going to measure success in the next decade, as I’m seeing increasing interest among my peers in corporate social responsibility, in addition to the traditional focus on returning value to shareholders. The coronavirus pandemic has forced a big pause in business as usual and presented an opportunity for us all to re-evaluate our companies’ priorities.


Being Business Forward Prepared Us For COVID

When we started Spur we knew we wanted to be nimble as a business. We wanted to be out from underneath the burden of being outdated, of having to upgrade, of owning stuff that was no longer valuable. At the time this meant owning as little as possible and putting everything we could in the cloud. Little did we know this would position us to be ready to handle the need to work remotely so quickly and seamlessly.


The COVID-19 Revolution

COVID-19 has upended all the usual ways we conduct business, and the changes aren’t going to go away with the virus. We have the opportunity to use this crisis to be creative and imaginative about rethinking how we work, and to embrace and strengthen our human connections with one another.


Strengthening Customer Connection During A Crisis

The initial shock of COVID-19 is receding as people fall into a “new normal” of working remotely and living with the pandemic day-to-day. 


Personal insight from our Chief People Officer

I’ve worked through other pandemics in the last two decades, but I don’t recall one that required such global measures as COVID-19. While the pandemic is alarming, it has been wonderful to see people pitch in to support each other and give to those in need.


Seeing the Signal in the Noise

How fast do you pull up Snopes when you see something you suspect to be fake news? Whether you're a veteran fact-checker or a more recreational news-browser, most of us are aware that the news we consume each day is at best, biased, and at worst deliberately misleading.